Verstegen single rope grabs

A special grab in the extensive range of Verstegen grabs, is the single rope grab,
especially designed for cranes with one single drum.

Difference with two and four rope systems

To control the opening and closing of the grab you need an crane with separate closing and holding rope(s), normally two or four rope cranes.

More simple cranes (for general cargo) are equipped with one drum and one rope.
To use these cranes for grabbing operations, you need a special grab.
Single rope grabs can be a good solution.

Ready for operation

Verstegen single rope grabs can be connected to any crane. The only thing you have to do is to hook the grab on a crane with sufficient lift capacity and your grab is ready for operation.

Three opening systems

Verstegen single rope grabs are provided with a mechanism to secure the closing of the grab. To open the grab, this mechanism must be uncoupled. Verstegen offers three systems:

  • Touch-and-go grab
    after putting the grab down, the grab will open after lifting it again.
  • Manual opening grab (mid-air opening)
    by pulling a tag-line the grab will open.
  • Remote control grab
    after pressing the remote control, the grab will open.
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