Orange peel grabs

Materials like shredded scrap, HMS, pig iron, rocks, wood chips, etc. are difficult or sometimes even impossible to penetrate with clamshell grabs. For these materials Verstegen offers various types of orange peel grabs.

Iron scrap comes in all kinds of forms and shapes. A grabs suitable for shredded scrap will not automatically perform well in heavy melting scrap. Different types of scrap require different types of orange peel grabs. Verstegen has the experience to advise you which grab to select.

For handling difficult materials like pig iron and stones extra heavy orange peel grabs are required.To ensure a good penetration and good filling, the grabs have high dead weight .The spaces between the scales are relative small to minimise the risk of material loss.

Woodchips are very light and therefore these orange peel grabs have very large volumes.Volumes up to 60 M3 are possible. The scales are fully enclosed to prevent material loss.

Verstegen orange peel grabs for scrap handling can be equipped with a radiation detection system.
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