Trimming grabs

For heavy and large-lumped materials a Verstegen trimming grab is the most efficient solution. Trimming grabs are used to handle coarse materials like stones, ferro-chrome, pig iron, DRI and HBI. Also with lumpy bauxite and ores, the grabs give very good results.

Horizontal closing path

A trimming grab works different than a normal two-scale grab. Because the scales have a "horizontal closing path", the material is "scraped together", instead of taking a bite out of the material. This closing path makes it possible to handle large-lumped materials.

Cleaning-up operations and working under coamings

Because of the extreme large opening of the scales, trimming grabs have a very large "footprint", which also offers advantages during cleaning up operations. The grabs are also very suitable for reaching under coamings and are particularly worthwhile for discharging ships with small hatches.

Trimming grabs are normally used for:

  • Pig iron (up to 250 mm)
  • HBI
  • stones
  • chrome ore lumps
  • and other coarse materials
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