Verstegen clamshell grabs

Over the years Verstegen developed a wide range of range of mechanical rope operated clamshell grabs.
Each Verstegen clamshell grab is optimal designed for the material that has to be handled and the crane it has to work on.
The use of high tensile and wear resistant steel in combination with an excellent bearing system makes it possible to develop very strong grab buckets with a relative low dead weight and high productive capacities.

Below the Verstegen clamshell grab buckets for the most common bulk materials are shown.
For bulk  materials with specific properties there are special solutions.

Coal is one of the most handled bulk material and high production rates are very important. Verstegen coal grabs offer very high capacities and low dead weights. For environmentally friendly unloading the high enclosed model coal grabs are the best option.

For high density materials like iron ore, the Verstegen ore grab is the ideal grab. A strong design and high closing forces ensure excellent penetration and a good filling. For difficult to grab materials, special heavy- duty clamshell grabs are available. Extra attention is paid to the wear resistance of the scoops.

For fine and light materials the use of high enclosed grabs is recommended.There are different grab designs for coal, agribulk, fertiliser and phosphates.Special knife sealing systems are available for very very fine and free flowing materials.

Special material require special solutions! Some materials have certain properties that make them difficult to handle with a normal grab. Verstegen has the experience to optimise the grabs to handle these materials also in a fast and efficient way.
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