The first Verstegen’s in Latvia

Befor  receiving an order for two brand new Verstegn scrap handling grabs, to port of Liepaja as a main goal was defined, rise the unloaded scrap capacities from the vessels. The biggest problem was, that material, is allways pressed by using heavy caterpillar machinery at the port of loading, that means we are receiving material what is extremely difficult to penetrate. And as an additional target was also reduce time for loading vessels with scrap from the pile.

At early February 2012 two brand new scrap handling grabs to port of Liepaja has been delivered. Assembly of  grabs has been made in one day, and both grabs were handovered to the client without delay. Knowing main technical parameters of the grabs- capacity 6m³, and dead weight only 7,5t, both grabs were designed for usage on Gottwald harbor mobile cranes, as well as on Kondor type portal cranes with lifting capacity 16t in grab operation, manufactured by Kranbau Eberswalde.

After two month exploitation the new grab owners was exited to inform that we have reached goals together and they have doubled the handled capacity in loading operations. The material from pile is relatively easy to grab and grab is always 100% full with material. That allows handle the material with specific weigh of 1.4 t/m³ about 8,4t by one grab in each cycle. While doing unloading from vessel, what is quite hard task for every grab Verstegen has rised handled capacity for about 40- 50% compare with prior operations, thanks to technical solutions of grabs.

This project again shows Verstegen position in Market, as thank’s to these grabs every company can handle higher capacity of material, with very small investment only into the new grab without changing existing technology of handled goods.

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